Friday, March 16, 2007

Did I mention I love Dave Walker?

That's Dave Walker* of The Cartoon Blog and, by whose kind permission I reproduce this cartoon. (This counts as an "occasional" personal-use-on-blog reproduction, if I read the permissions info correctly.) Long may he draw.
* Not to be confused with (the also fabulous) David Walker, my Oberlin classmate, who is a professor at... Oberlin.


Padre Rob+ said...

Good Lord, it's hilarious to see one's spiritual pilgrimage in cartoon haha,\

It's nice for me to meet a neighbor in cyberspace too.

peace rob+

Jane R said...

LOL - yes. The stop and have some tea part is important too when one has had a, um, varied journey.

Walker does have a way of putting it all in one little set of pictures ;-).

Jane (just out of session on embodied pedagogies where we did mindfulness meditation -- very unusual and refreshing for an academic conference! speaking of variety of spiritual practices...)

Ken said...

The cartoon is perfection but it comes far too close to my journey-ridden nerve endings to make me quite comfortable. But my personal comfort is not the point, I suppose. Comfort the afflicted, sod the comfortable, etc., etc. Someone who tries to be at home everywhere generally sells out his or her own center.

A cup of tea under those circumstances may not be in order but first-rate psychotherapy or pastoral counseling might be.

I noted your comments on Telling Secrets (my guilty pleasure) about the rejection of Mark Lawrence as Bishop of South Carolina. Part of me says "Oh well," but as Elizabeth herself noted, this is both a tragedy and a welcome mat to the schism. It's here, and it's possibly though not assuredly going to damage irreparably the Church that is being drawn and quartered by egos masquerading as theological positions.

This mouthing off is worth exactly what you paid for it.

Jane R said...

:-) Thanks Ken. I'll write you back privately about some of this -- and a bit here when I have a chance. Am still in Nashville and it's getting late.

Jane R said...

Oh, Ken -- also: My main point on Elizabeth's blog was really about the nature of blogging and how it affects church conversations... my small comment on the actual Episcopal situation was tangential to my main point.

Dave Walker said...

Thanks all - glad the cartoon hit the mark.

Jane R said...

Hallo Dave, thanks so much for stopping by. I've been trying to find your e-mail but must not have looked at your website properly. Will keep trying since you may not check back in here. (Always good to have you, and my SiteMeter says someone in your parts has visited now and again.) Thank you so much for keeping us chuckling on this side of the Atlantic.