Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nutty week / Theotokos

It's one of those "Oy! Academe!" weeks.

And some of our friends here, including Padre Rob, like Coptic icons, so I figure we could use one of the Theotokos right about now. I could, anyway, and perhaps you will find she speaks to you, too.

This is from the El Seryan Monastery. (In some places it's spelled ElSereyan.)

More later today or early tomorrow with one or more keep-the-nasties-away images of one of the guys at the bottom -- either George or Michael (if he's on horseback, it's probably George) zapping the dragon.


Anonymous said...

Misreading the last paragraph, I got an image of George Michael zapping the dragon. Wham!

Padre Rob+ said...

I came to comment on the Mother of God, but I can't stop laughing at Joseph's comment about George Michael. Well, it probably made Blessed Mary smile as well :)

Jane R said...

Joe, you are too much. What a terrifying image. LMAO poor dragon. (Rob, meet Joe, Joe, meet Rob. Joe is a friend of mine from Berkeley days, still in Berkeley except that this week he's not. A fine musician and cybergeek and wordsmith. Rob is a new cyberspace friend whom I haven't met yet but will since we are both in the Greensboro area --where he is a priest and a dad -- and in the Episcopal blogosphere.) Joe, Chag Sameach Pesach if I don't talk to you before then. (My cell is down but should be back in circulation within a day or two.) Rob, blessed Holy Week to you.