Monday, March 19, 2007

Speaking of the war... Veterans and the Healing Waters Project

I heard a great teaser on NPR today about a series that will air beginning tomorrow on "Day to Day". It's about veterans and fly fishing. Very moving.

Yes, we can be against the war and support the troops -- and care for the veterans who come back wounded in body and spirit and want to return to life.

Listen tomorrow. There's a website for the project, but the voices on the radio and the sound of water will bring it home. And remember many NPR stations have live streaming audio. I also just found a way to the "Day by Day" audio archives. So if you miss the show at the time it airs, you can listen to it the next day -- I think it takes a day to get online. You have to go through the NPR broadcast schedule (a.k.a. program stream) and click your way around.

There's also a brief multimedia clip about Project Healing Waters here.

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