Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What I miss

Read and see (and drool) more here.


PadreRob+ said...

You know, Ialways go vegetarian for Lent and I have been considering making a lifestyle change because I had such a great experience this Lent. This almost persuades me to take the plunge :)

Jane R said...

Greensboro has a pretty good farmers' market but I have been really nostalgic for the year-round growing season in California. Love that Berkeley farmers' market. (Actually, there are three Berkeley farmers' markets! Two were walking distance from my home so I could go on Thursdays and Saturdays. The Saturday one was --is--the big one. There is also one on Tuesdays in another part of Berkeley. Yum.)

I'm sort of the other way around -- long time veggie who occasionally eats fish and recently has had meat a few times. (Have you tried the lamb from Rising Meadow Farm? They sell it at the farmers' market in Colfax, but not all year round.) At home I am mostly a vegetarian.

So you do the Orthodox thing for Lent; though they go vegan -- no dairy either!

PadreRob+ said...

almost... I cant go Vegan. I just can't give up my yougurt ;)

Jane R said...

Me neither. :-)

Things have gotten more quiet and I had a whole bunch of solitary time the last day or two. More coming tomorrow so I can write -- I may emerge in the evening and go to the Greensboro Choral Society concert since it turns out I have at least five friends in it, most of them from church!