Thursday, May 3, 2007

Akinola's ironies

As many of you know, I don't post a lot on Episcopal and Anglican politics, since the blogosphere is plenty full of that -- unless there are ecumenical or feminist aspects of the issues on which I want to comment or I feel that something ethically or otherwise demands my bloggish attention.

But this one falls somewhere between my two criteria --the first criterion, in case you are wondering, as in "wider ecumenism," as in "the state of the oikoumene," but just ignore this theological jargon if you please and click the link. The commentary to which it leads is more or less jargon-free. As the person who forwarded it wrote, read it and weep.

NOTE: The link above is a little wiggy so if it doesn't work, go here and click on the piece called "Anything But Straight: Nigeria's Frequent Flyer."

Back to the thick of end-of-semester grading and the latest round of Deep Academic Politics. And you thought the church had problems.

I'll be back as promised within days to answer my May 1 riddle. No real energy on this end to compose anything resembling an essay. I do check in for comments, though :-).

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