Saturday, May 26, 2007

Despair, hope, AIDS: the Keiskamma Altarpiece

The always thoughtful janinsanfran at happening-here?, who blogs about politics, culture, and community life, has a post, with many more pictures like the ones above and below (thanks Jan - I'm lifting them from you) on the Keiskamma Altarpiece, made of fabric by women of Hamburg, not Hamburg, Germany, but Hamburg of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. It speaks of suffering and hope in the age of HIV/AIDS. It will take your breath away.

Thanks, Jan, for letting us know about this. The Keiskamma Altarpiece is at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco. From there it will go to Seattle, Washington, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C.


Ed said...

Great minds, etc., etc. This totally blew me away. I'm so glad Jan posted her photo-essay or might never have known how spectacular it is.

Jane R said...

I just love her blog. I got to know her that way, but first -way before blogging- knew her partner with whom I was once in a class in Berkeley. It turns out they are very good friends of a very good friend of mine... small Episcopal progressive world, I guess. (Though both the mutual friend and I are pretty ecumenical as Episcopalians go.)