Sunday, May 13, 2007

May 9 feast: Gregory of Nazianzus - a May 13 note

I was away, so I missed this one. May 9 was the feast of Gregory of Nazianzus, one of the Cappadocians -- Gregory of Nyssa, Basil of Caesarea (those two were brothers) and this Gregory, who was their good friend. I always include Macrina among the Cappadocians, too. Gregory of Nyssa wrote a biography of her after her death. But back to Gregory of Nazianzus. Padre Mickey has written a fine tribute to him.

And not everyone knows that my esteemed dissertation director, Catholic feminist theologian Rosemary Radford Ruether, wrote her dissertation on Gregory of Nazianzus. (It was later published as Gregory of Nazianzus: Rhetor and Philosopher. It was not the first book she published, however. That honor belongs to The Church Against Itself, which came out in 1967.)


Padre Rob+ said...

I soo love Rosemary Radford Ruether- thanks for the book tip- I didnt know


Jane R said...

She's very much a historical theologian. A lot of people don't realize that -- mostly people who haven't read her. Of course she's also one of the most prolific theologians on the planet. My area is feminist ecclesiology (and ecumenical issues -- my dissertation deals with the place where they intersect) and she's written in that field too! Also a lot, in recent years, on ecologically related topics and ecofeminism and international issues both religious and social. I also like the book she and Rita Gross did together; it's a feminist Buddhist-Christian dialogue; very lively and interesting.