Monday, May 21, 2007

Prayers for Desmond Tutu

This is very freaky. I know I’m a little psychic, but this gives me the chills.

Late last night I was thinking about Archbishop Tutu, and I got this strong thing about his cancer having come back, or rather, what happened is that I thought of him and of posting a photo, for some reason, and then I thought no, I won’t do that, if I post his photo just like that it will mean either he’s dead or his cancer has come back, and I got this strong feeling about death and deathly illness. Then I dismissed the whole thing because I have been preoccupied with mortality of late, and because I had just a bit earlier posted a song in honor of a living friend and a deceased one, a Christian justice-maker, and that got me thinking about her. So I figured this was just one of my random brain flashes.

This morning I read this item on MadPriest’s site and saw that the signal wasn’t all in my inner wanderings. This kind of thing has happened to me before (with people’s deaths and pregnancies in particular) so I should pay attention to it. Or not.

Because what’s really important is the beloved archbishop (who is partly responsible for my becoming an Anglican, by his life and words, and whom I had the honor of meeting briefly last year --and asking for his blessing, which he gave me in Xhosa) and his well-being. So, send good thoughts and prayers his way. Of his peace of mind and communion with God I have no doubt, but good health is nice, too.

Prayers also for Leah Tutu and for the entire family.

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