Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And now, a word from Granny D

Older women rock.

Seems like this week we are paying particular attention to them here at Acts of Hope (here and here) but we ought to listen to them more often. Speaking of marginalized people... (You think older women are not marginalized? Look at statistics on income and at pictures of the halls of government -- or at any magazine or newspaper.)

Today, a word from the inimitable Granny D. Thanks to Truthout for her remarks. What do immigration and campaign finance have to do with each other? Read what Granny D (Doris Haddock) says about this.

Note: Bishop Nerva Cot, age 69, is a spring chicken compared to Granny D, who is 96.


Ed said...

Thanks for the reminder of Granny D. Boy, can she cut through the bullshit. I finally checked all the other granny links--what great stuff! There's nothing more powerful than an old woman when she puts her mind to it.

johnieb said...

Granny D to head the INS!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Granny D. and ladies like her are my inspiration for how I'll be when I get old.

johnieb said...

Any recommendations for Grandpas when they get old?

Jane R said...

Well, since you are a veteran, there's this. But it seems to me there is a grandfathers for peace somewhere. If not, you have options: found a group, or undergo gender reassignation. But since the latter is not your vocation, the choice is clear ;-).

Here's what's doing on the grannies for peace front -- with poet Sonia Sanchez!

johnieb said...

So, keep on keepin' on is the word for now? Suffering endurance reliability.

VFP was doing a local action this week in New Haven (an hour) with immigrants nabbed by the INS. This was one of the original devices of the national government to turn down the heat on the political stew Capitalism had led to at the turn of the Twentieth c.

As to political, if not Christian Saints (though who may with hold the Grace of God?), Mrry Heaton Vorse, Feminist, Writer, Labor & Peace Organizer on the National and International scene her entire life, died June 14, 1966, in Provincetown, aged 92 years, with the reports of the day's events spread around her.

As to the INS as an instrument of political oppression, the best summary is still William Preston.*Aliens and Dissenters*; sorry, old habits die hard.