Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Foodie update, cont'd

(Click on picture to get a better view of the cheeses. What a friend we have in cheeses.)

Eclectic is the name of the game. It also depends who's paying.

Pupusas. La Santaneca de la Mission. Mmmm. And cheap.

Upscale foodie heaven. Oliveto, one of the children of Chez Panisse. (Eat yer heart out, johnieb.)

Baked goods, anyone? Cooperatively run, of course. Great politics, great eats. The Cheese Board. Yes, they have cheese. (You can get their book.)

Best cappuccino, hands down. Nefeli, Berkeley.

But the best local coffee beans are the ones already mentioned in the right-hand column of this blog. Blue Bottle Coffee. And they ship.

Speaking of good politics and good food -- of the sustainable-ecological kind with a Latin American twist: Café de la Paz.

Fresh squeezed citrus juices (orange, grapefruit). Also smoothies and coffee, but the coffee isn't my favorite. Good place to study or catch up with an old friend. Packed, but airy with high ceilings. Lovely owners. Brewed Awakening, Berkeley.

Eh. Dungeness crab cakes, but too greasy.

CHOCOLATE. Bittersweet, Rockridge district, Oakland. Serious chocolate. This one has been in the right hand column here since the blog started, but did you even notice? And they use Blue Bottle Coffee for their mochas.


More sushi.

The best sushi --which I didn't get to. Next time. Kirala. No reservations. Stand on line or get there very early.

Your nutritionist told you to get a good breakfast. At a neighborhood joint. Rockridge Café.

No one paid me to write about these. But some very nice friends did pay for lunch. Supper. Breakfast. And one stupendous cup of hot chocolate.


johnieb said...

"Com'n take it! Take another little piece of my heart now, babee!"

Some Singer from the Sixties

Kirstin said...

Another good sushi place is Miyuki, on Solano.


Jane R said...

That would be Janis Joplin, I think.

johnieb said...

You know you got it!

lauraj said...

I miss pupusas. The neighborhood near DC where I lived until last year had pupuserias about every 3rd corner -- vans with Salvadoran women cooking and selling to the mostly Salvadoran neighbors. $1.25 each or a plate of 3 for $3!! Mmmmmm ...

On a different topic, I think I'm coming to Guilford's homecoming this year, for only the 2nd time since leaving in 1985, to see John Oliver. Wanna meet? (I realize this is months in advance ...)

Jane R said...

Sure, lj -- I forget what weekend it is but unless I am away at a conference or at my family's I should be on campus.