Friday, June 15, 2007

Pure dish

Oh my oh my. *The Queen's birthday list of honors includes Salman Rushdie* (made a knight) and Dame Edna** (made a CBE, foreigners can't be knighted).

Just sit back and watch the columnists now, dearies.

* Now married to a much younger and fourth wife Padma Lakshmi, an actress; no word in the BBC article of his second wife, the writer Marianne Wiggins.

** Now --as his legal self Barry Humphries-- married to his fourth wife, who happens to be Lizzie Spender, daughter of Stephen Spender, the poet.

Read about other honorees, from cricketeer Ian Botham to singer Joe Cocker, here.

And Ed notes in the Comments below that Emma Kirkby is among the honorees! * Silly BBC article, putting her way down in the paragraphs; and silly me, not noticing.* (In the interests of gender equity in dishing, all I can tell you is that Dame Emma was or perhaps still is married to lutenist Anthony Rooley; it's hard to keep up with personal drama in the arts world, so best to enjoy the artists' performances and leave it at that.)

Here ends the gossip. *We now return to our previously scheduled theology. *Not that there is always a difference.


Ed said...

Golly, does that make her Dame Dame Edna? I was glad to see dear Emma Kirkby on the list as well.

johnieb said...

I do allow myself an occasional dip into the celebrity gossip pool, but, for the real dish (or diss?), there's nothing like Liberation Theologians, unless it's SVOs.

One-stop shopping: rejoice and be glad in it.