Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Well, he always finds my lost things! (Feast of Anthony of Padua)

But I hadn't heard about the marriage-making powers. Hmmm.

Happy Feast of Saint Anthony of Padua. (Who, identified as he is with the city of Padua in Italy, was born and raised in PORTUGAL, as my Portuguese sister-in-law never ceased to remind me, and as you will see in James Kiefer's delightful bio.)


Shannon said...

Jane, it has been far too long. How wonderful to find your blog. I'm reading and reading.


Jane R said...

Shannon! Shannon from Vatican-2-list days! Bless your heart, as they say in the South where I now live. I'd sworn off commenting (see below) while in California on a studious quiet visit but I just had to say hello and thanks for your message. Hey, all, meet Shannon, whom I know from many conversations about church and spirituality some years back. She's a live wire and she is now doing Godde's work as a prison chaplain. And I see you're blogging, Shannon. If I didn't know you I'd say you're a nasty temptation to show up right after I swore off writing in comments sections for several weeks! Have a look at her blog, folks. I am avoiding distractions but I think I will, in the coming days, read this blog as part of my spiritual reading. No froufrou clouds-in-the-air spirituality here. Check it out.

I was wondering where the progressive Catholic bloggers were. Or did you jump ship too?

Okay, back to African feminist theologians for the rest of the evening. Thanks so much for the visit. Come back. Blessings.

johnieb said...

I admit, I found the Introduction "Heaveanly Sunlight" sequence "Cathouse Pandemonium Ltd." a provocative incitement; does Blessed Clare know what her UK or Commonwealth (judging from the "Ltd.") children are up to?

Jane R said...

Actually, they're in Santa Clara, California :-).

johnieb said...

Imagine my surprise.

I wish they all could be California Nuns.

Shannon said...

>>I was wondering where the progressive Catholic bloggers were. Or did you jump ship too?

Haven't jumped ship. Just went to prison where I don't have to bang my head on brick walls or have to apologize for the church much. I just love the guys and my job and I stay under the radar.

We have Mass on Christmas, Easter, and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Sundays we have a Word and Communion service. Why? No priests available for Sunday services here. So I have to preach. Such a deal... I used to think preaching once a quarter was a big deal. Now I get to do it four times a Sunday and no one walks out. (No one walked out when I preached in the parish, either--but it was a special parish, I have to say.)

Any rate, I have the best of all parishes and don't have to worry about the leaking roof.

Take your vow of silence seriously, Jane. I'm sure there's plenty to say in the aftermath.

You can still reach me at the old ShanOD@aol spot.