Friday, September 21, 2007

...and here's the large-size version...

...which I am going to post now, advancing the time on the post a bit so that it is dated Friday, cat-blogging day, which odd bloggers follow as if it were the very rule of Benedict.


Kenneth Wolman said...

Methinks you are turning into Lentz' icon of Julian of Norwich, she who is seen forever stroking the cat in her lap. I suppose you could do far worse than Lady Julian.

Jane R said...

True, and that happens to be one of my favorite icons.

I once gave a copy of it to my spiritual director (two spiritual directors ago), who said the picture looked like me! (This was also two cats ago... I am getting old.)

And of course I love Julian.

Francis Drake said...

"And of course I love Julian."

I too. And I *especially* love Julian's God.

(Oh, and lovely creature that new companion of yours.)

Sir Francis sirfr AT