Monday, September 10, 2007

Someone stole this off my office door over the summer

Click if you need to see a larger version.


Jan said...

Very good! Thank you.

eileen said...

Priceless - reminds me of Mary Doria's book The Sparrow - where a Jesuit priest and his colleagues find intelligent life "out-there" and journey to find where the life-forms that make the music they have heard traveling across the cosmos.

When they get there, they find two races of people - one large, elegant, and dominant. The other meek, furry, and docile. The meek race is quite populous. The shock comes in that the meek race is being breed as food for the dominant race. The idea of consuming and intelligent life form gauls the earthlings, and they teach the meek race that they are more numerous, and don't have to accept their fate, thereby disrupting the social balance and structure of the planet (sounds just like the sort of thing Americans are won't to do, huh?)

If you've never read it, it's an excellent piece of fiction.

Jane R said...

Eileen, I have been wanting to read that book for years and keep neglecting to get to it. Thanks so much for the reminder. I have heard it's great. Hadn't heard the detail you mentioned.

Hope you're still celebrating. At our age, we can do birthmonth, you know, not just birthday. (Wait, I'm ages older than you. But you can start the birthmonth thing. I started it at 40 as I recall. Are you 40 yet? If you're still in your thirties you can always start now and say you're precocious ;-).)