Saturday, October 6, 2007

More Francis: "in the wilderness," by Bellini

I'd never seen this one. It's "St. Francis in the Wilderness," by Giovanni Bellini (late 15th century).

At St. Mary's House we are having the Blessing of the Animals tomorrow.

Maya Pavlova, who is lounging by the laptop, says "I don't think so."

I shall bring a photo of Her Highness instead.


Kenneth Wolman said...
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Kenneth Wolman said...

It is in New York, in the Frick Collection. Henry Clay Frick may have been a union-busting swine but he had a good eye. I met the painting when I was still in high school. It is perfectly overwhelming: the monk with open hands ready, in full humility, to receive the day from his Lord. Would we should all be so lucky. It's described as oil and tempera on a poplar panel, and is dated to 1480. I would love a full-sized print (49" x 55-7/8") for a wall.l

Jane R said...

I had no idea it was at the Frick! Saw on the Web that it was 15th c. I must go and see it when I am next in NYC. (When that will be I am not sure but perhaps in the winter.) Thanks for the info.