Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Renewal" - film on religious communities and the environment

While in San Diego at the American Academy of Religion meeting, I had the pleasure of seeing a preview of "Renewal," a documentary about the religiously-based environmental movement in the U.S.

The movie has eight stories in it. One can view them separately, but it's heartwarming to see them all together since they are about varied communities and parts of the country. I can imagine that the segments would work well as part of a series for congregations, classes, and community groups. Not sure when the movie is coming out, but you can keep in touch with the project and its various roots and offshoots here. The producers have teamed up with Active Voice, an organization that uses documentaries as community organizing tools, so there's the film "Renewal" but there's also the related Renewal Project. Have a look.

I won't be surprised if this makes it onto public television, but it's meant for distribution and community conversation and action. Let me (and each other) know what you think.

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lj said...

thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, Jane. I've signed up to learn more.