Thursday, December 6, 2007

Advent Chagall series: Blue Still Life


johnieb said...

A northern night sky swimming with life overhead in magical moonlight, as the people gather at the table: Happy Chunakkah.

Jane R said...

And to you and yours, and to the moon and stars.

johnieb said...

I've listened to more of my Messiaen CDs in the last few days than usual, particularly a Large Orchestral work, maybe not as well known as some, perhaps: (my KB and I don't spell in French) Eclairs Sur L'au Dela...", but it is his last work. Birds, Stars, Dancing: the usual titles. I wonder what he thought of Chagall; his mother was a Sculptor.

OMG! Don't tell me, I know you did, and it sears; you went to the SF Opera's Francis of Assisi, didn't you? OK, done now.

Channukah was lovely; the children are marvelous, Michael & Katherine are well, as are Kay and Harry, and I am still stuffed with Michael's latkes, with several in the Fridge. I feel "family" with them.