Saturday, December 15, 2007

Burma update -- lest we forget

Catching up on a bit of e-news from other parts of the world...

CANBERRA (Reuters) - The death toll from a democracy crackdown ordered by Myanmar's ruling junta was much greater than U.N. estimates and scores of people were still missing, activists just back from the reclusive country said on Friday.

A delegation of Buddhist witnesses who entered Myanmar posing as tourists to document the aftermath of September's monk-led uprising said secret talks with activists pointed to a death toll of at least 70, far above United Nations estimates of 31.

"The regime is at pains to paint the situation as being back to normal, and it is anything but, because there is so much pressure and security," Australian delegate Jill Jameson from the Buddhist Peace Fellowship told Reuters.

Full story from Reuters here.

Thanks to the Buddhist Peace Fellowship (BPF) and to Roy Birchard from the Bay Area Friends of FOR (the Fellowship of Reconciliation) for this information.

BPF Director Maia Duerr writes: Alan Senauke, of BPF National Office staff, and Jill Jameson, of the BPF Melbourne Australia chapter, helped to lead this small delegation that just returned from Burma. Because of the extremely sensitive nature of their trip, we are only just now able to share this news with you. We hope to share more of the story of their journey soon, via our website and in Turning Wheel.

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