Friday, December 28, 2007

Casaldáliga and Ratzinger

This is a short P.S. to the post below.

Dom Pedro Casaldáliga, recently retired bishop of São Félix do Araguaia, Brasil, in 2005, on the then new pope:

I had direct personal contact with Ratzinger when I was summoned to go to Rome when I refused to comply with the ‘ad limina’ visit. In a fraternal admonition, he reproached me on account of my attitude to liberation theology, of my celebrating Mass for the intentions of the Indios and for the intentions of the black populations, for my journey to Central America as acts of solidarity, for the insertion of cultural elements in the way pastoral care is exercised and the liturgy is celebrated among us. There was even a moment of humor in the course of our discussion. I had written in Nicaragua that it was necessary that each and every one of us should all undergo a conversion, and that we, the Church and the world, would also have to be converted. When I suggested at the end of our discussion that we should pray the ‘Our Father’ together, Ratzinger asked me, with a trace of malicious irony whether is was ‘so that the Church may be converted’? And I answered: ‘Yes, so that the Church may be converted. And I continue to be of the same opinion that we all must be converted.

Source: CCFMC.

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