Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Computer troubles, brief blogging hiatus (e-mail on hold too, all y'all)

Greetings, all. There's more Latin American stuff coming, and also Sunday's sermon, and a year-end roundup perhaps, but my computer is having trouble. As far as I can tell it's just the screen, and I have managed to make it work for a few minutes, but it may go dark any minute until I can go to the campus tech-y people, who thank heavens are open again for business tomorrow. Here I was going to hide out and write and do a bit of adminstrative work at home and not go near the college offices, but hey, they'll fix the computer for free, so who am I to complain.

I'm sure there's a lesson here. (As in the level of panic we reach when we don't have our computers or internet connections working.) I took a little walk outdoors to get some perspective. The weather is cold and the geese are tromping around and winter trees are beautiful.

Cheers, friendly readers.

P.S. There's plenty to read below, plus pretty pictures I put up this past week.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Jane, I have the letters back to comment with word verification. I went to your comment box and clicked over and over where the wheelchair icon should be, and finally I got a question about did I want to allow blogger images and I clicked yes and - Voila! - all was fixed. I got my trash can icon back, too. I think it was fecking brilliant of me to think to do that. I mostly did it out of frustration and anger, but It worked.

Sometimes technology is a bitch.

pj said...

Why do I get the feeling you have a Mac? The monitor on my old desktop model was riddled with problems. (OCICBW.)

Thanks for your response over at my place. :D

johnieb said...

I'm on an "old desktop model" and rarely have trouble, but that may be a result of keeping things very simple..

Off to PJ's Wonderful