Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Even more Convention: resolution on inclusion of all persons regardless of sexual orientation

More from the Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina.

This resolution, also passed Saturday, occasioned a little more discussion than the one on immigration. We had already passed a resolution on inclusion of and apology to lgbt persons last year (not long after the Southern Baptist Convention, also meeting in Greensboro, had issued a condemnatory statement) which reaffirmed a statement from General Convention, but it did not go into the specifics you will see below.

The objections, and an alternative resolution proposed from the floor and defeated, were not against inclusion but they either diluted the resolution out of stated concern for its reception in the wider Anglican Communion or expressed concern that "it was not yet time" for this statement. (Some of us shuddered upon hearing that, since the very same language of "people are not ready" came up again and again during debates on civil rights for African Americans and on the ordination of women lo those not so many years ago.) As for the Anglican Communion, our partnerships with dioceses in Central America and Southern/Central Africa attest to our commitment to our common faith, work, and celebration.

The conversation and debate were civil, without acrimony or name-calling. Bishop Curry noted this and thanked us for it after the resolution passed, by a large majority. I hope that those who cast the minority votes continue to feel that we are one despite our differences.

Report of the Committee on Faith and Morals


RESOLVED, by the 192nd Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, that the Diocese continue to demonstrate its commitment to radical hospitality and, that in accordance with the House of Bishops' Statement, Fall 2007, we "proclaim the Gospel that in Christ all God's children, including gay and lesbian persons, are full and equal participants in the life of Christ's Church" by:

1) Urging the Archbishop of Canterbury to extend to the duly elected and consecrated Bishop of New Hampshire an invitation to full participation in the Lambeth Conference of 2008;

2) Encouraging our Deputies to the 2009 General Convention to ensure compliance with Title III. Canon I. Section 2, which supports the full and equal participation of all persons regardless of sexual orientation in all aspects of the Church's ministries, lay and ordained;

3) Encouraging the General Convention to call for the development of public liturgies for the blessing of same sex unions.

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Padre Rob+ said...

i miss the Diocese of NC

VA cant get passed "let's pray and discern for a year"... A resolution which would change diocesan policy and permit parishes to call gay and lesbian clergy who were in committed partnerships- either blessed by the church or legalized by a civil authority- was changed to a commitment to spend more time in discernment.... (after last year's task force failed to produce any statement other than we can't come to a consensus, so we'll do nothing)

Thank God for NC