Monday, February 4, 2008

And one more prayer request

I ask your prayers for a couple of young persons who have been in distress for some time now and just experienced their distress in a particularly acute way. I cannot say more due to the confidentialities of pastoral care. Suffice it to say that one gets called away from one's desk for such things and that of course people come before desk work.

Thank you, pray-ers out there.

Thanks to all who offer support to the sick at heart and to those whose minds are restless.

Thanks to those who keep others safe.

Holy and tender One,
giver of life and health:
Comfort and relieve your servants,

and give your power of healing
***to those who minister to their needs,
that they may be strengthened in their weakness
and have confidence in your loving care;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

[BCP edited for inclusive language]


FranIAm said...

Please know that my prayers go out and join with your own. Peace, healing and restoration for all.

Kirstin said...

((((Hugs)))) and prayers.

Paul said...

Prayers ascend in the desert.

johnieb said...

And from a damp New England city.