Saturday, February 16, 2008

More stuff you can't make up: lefty Love Boat

Speaking of radical chic (a remark I made in the Comments section a day or two ago c/o the wonderful janinsanfran, keen observer of politics progressive and other)...

Delightful New York Times article about The Nation's Alaska cruise.

Full disclosure: I'm a reader of The Nation.

But I certainly can't afford the cruise. I had to figure out whether I could afford the subscription again, after having lapsed for several years.


FranIAm said...

Oh my- that link to the "what's for food" matter is brilliant. I loved it. And your comments as well!!

And the Love Boat- great piece. I used to read the Nation. It is painful as I want to subscribe to support them, but I can't keep up with my reading as it is.

jbebzl... my word verification. It makes me feel like a Jezebel!!!

Jane R said...

Periodically the word verification spits up some really funny ones.

How's the house situation?

pj said...

Jane, you read The Nation??? I'm shocked. Shocked.


Jane R said...

I know, a big surprise, right? LOL

Heck, my parents read The Nation.

FranIAm said...

Coming along, but slowly and not easily.

So it goes- I am anxious to close but I will take what comes.

(remind me i said that if i have a freakout, ok?)

I have one more carload of stuff to remove, some stuff for the dump and it is empty.

Waiting on some paperwork from the oil tank removal and closing tentatively scheduled for 2/22. Let us see!

Thanks for asking!!