Friday, May 9, 2008

Still up grading

I think about another hour to go... It depends how fast I can read six term papers... More like two hours...

Ask me about lack of Sabbath time.

And lack of sleep.

In other news, we had two tornadoes in the neighborhood tonight along with a violent thunderstorm. We got emergency alerts on our cell phones from the college about the tornadoes and had to take sheltered positions.

I had no idea there were tornadoes in North Carolina.


Ken said...

A lack of "Sabbath Time" is a religiously-grounded euphemism for just plain not having a life. It's not a joking matter. After a "certain age," the lack of kickback space, the expectation that you will roll over, fetch, and play dead, is dangerous to one's physical and emotional health.

johnieb said...

You had no idea there were tornadoes in North Carolina? Hmmm.

They are manageable for the most part, speaking as one who grew up with them--even drove through one once; gracious! Did I just feel the germ of a new post? :-)

Prayers for you and your students, among others. And add some for my daughter, Lil Nimrod, as she prepares to give birth. I came here looking for a name; sorry to give an alias.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Ah, poor Jane. Prayers for you, my dear.

pj said...

Regarding tornadoes, a while back I heard a scientist (a woman, yay) on NPR who said that the seeming increase in frequency and violence of storms IS in fact related to globabl warming. Not because of the warmer air itself, but because the warmer air creates extra turbulence in the atmosphere (I fergit why, cuz I is a language person and not a scientist.)

We had a very impressive tornado right near me two years ago. It began across the Hudson in Orange County, traveled alongside the Tappan Zee Bridge, made a mess in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, zinged right past my husband's office building in Hawthorne, and petered out somewhere in Connecticut. People were freaked out, I tell you.

Long comment, sorry. Be safe, Jane.