Monday, June 16, 2008

Critter pictures coming soon, and a blog flashback

We have had a dearth of Friday cat blogging recently. It also seems to me I mentioned something about baby geese and baby ducks a while back, though perhaps that was in a letter and not on this blog. I regret to say that although the neighborhood goslings have all survived (geese are a hardy and obnoxious bunch) only one of three baby ducks has survived (snif) but it is now nearly as big as its mama, and they were swimming, well, swimmingly, on their little pond at sunset today.

I'm taking some rolls of film into the shop tomorrow to have CDs made (I don't own a digital camera, just my old-fashioned one) and soon you shall see creatures. Mostly geese and Miss Maya Pavlova (not in the same place), because the ducks don't like having their picture taken, and today, when they were willing, I had run out of film. But I got to say hello.

Meanwhile, the weather continues hot, hot, hot, though the humidity was down and the evenings are tolerable. "Humidity was down" is, of course, a relative term here in North Carolina.

Blog flashback:

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