Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday cat blogging: bonus photos

We've already had one appearance today by the Right Rev. and Right Hon. Maya Pavlova of North Carolina, but it's an animal week here at Acts of Hope, so we bring you this little sequence from the study. These photos are from a few weeks ago on a sunny afternoon. Enjoy.

This first one was featured earlier today on Byzigenous Buddhapalian. La Reverendisima Maya Pavlova had sent it and the fourth photo in this sequence in her pastoral letter to Padre Pablito.

Click each photo to enlarge, especially that fourth one.


Ken said...

As good as the fourth one down might be, the third one grabs me. The mysterious stare that makes cats seem sacred and see-through-you. I've been to this country, and so have you: the one where the cat lets you live there as long as you supply her or him with food and a mattress (you). Awesome kitty!

Kitten said...

I admire how Maya Pavlova can squeeze in that tiny space between the files and the window. But that fourth picture is just priceless, and classic kitty pose indeed.

Miss Maya Pavlova has quite a sense of humor!

Paul said...

One also feels incredibly blessed to receive a pastoral letter from such a lovely bishop.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Don't close that drawer! A cat of ours nestled in an open drawer, and one of us closed it without seeing her. She was upstairs, and the rest of us were downstairs, so she was yowling to get out for a while before anyone heard her. Poor baby.

pj said...

Meow, Maya. Meeeowwww.

(Okay. The security letters are "juzfxz." What are you trying to say, huh???)

johnieb said...

(Looks in several directions to see if anyone is listening)

That's one fine looking kitteh.

Arrrggghhhh! Caught!

Jan said...

Great pictures!

Jane R said...

JohnieB, why wouldn't you want anyone to hear you say this is a fine kitteh?

Yes, Kitten, she has a sense of humor. She's a real character.

Mimi, never fear, this is such a heavy, low drawer (it's an old, repainted wooden file cabinet of my father's) that Maya jumps out of it before I can even close it. She's rarely in it. The sock drawer, on the other hand... Though I have been careful to open and shut it before she can jump in, but she has beat me to it. The only place I ever left her in accidentally was the linen closet, where she is not supposed to be and where she loves to get if she can, way in the back on top of a pile of soft towels. But if I don't see her for a while I tend to go looking for her.

More often she is the Velcro Cat, following me around, though she is independent when she feels like it, being a cat and all.

Paul, my Lady Bishop knows that you are a fine priest and story-teller, and she will be only too happy to bestow further pastoral care upon you, in a non-allergifying sort of way, of course. (Note: I am allergic to some cats and not to others. I had to send a couple of other cats back to the shelter or to their foster parents some months before Miss Maya P. came here to live, but I am not allergic to her, so perhaps you would be okay in Her Grace's presence. That said, we won't chance it and she will keep her pastoral letters dander-free.)