Friday, June 20, 2008

New baby human

My colleague Eric, who teaches courses on Buddhism, Shamanism, Tibetan and Himalayan Religions, Religions of the Minorities of Southwest China, and all manner of other interesting things, and his wife Dáša, who recently joined our Foreign Languages faculty part-time to teach Chinese and is also a fantastic runner, are the new parents of a little boy, Soren, born yesterday evening. Soren has ten fingers, ten toes, and a cute nose, and everyone is fine, if a little tired and stunned. Welcome, Soren! We're so glad you arrived safely.


pj said...

Oh ja? I vant to see a picture of Soren. Me loves human babies. :)

Jane R said...

Me too. I doubt they will be posting photos in public, but ve vill ask and see. I vanted to show you my latest family baby back in November, but I don't put our children (or in this case my grand-niece or her big brother or my godchildren, though all of the latter are now over age) up on the Web.

Anyway, I will meet wee Soren soon, I hope, and will attempt to paint a picture with words. I mean vords. Dis is getting konfyoosing.