Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Office move

So, the college decided a few months ago that I needed to change offices.

Bad news: moving is always a pain in the patootie.
Good news: it makes you clear the clutter.

Bad news: my old office is much larger.
Good news: my new office is much sunnier.

Also, it is closer to my Religious Studies Department colleagues (two* full-time, one part-time) so we will all be on the same part of the hall together.

******One is new, we ran a search this year to replace a colleague who left a few days ago.

Overall, not a bad thing, but it had to happen today and this meant packing books and papers yesterday for several hours in the p.m. with one other person and spending half the morning today supervising four or five large young men in bright orange t-shirts.

I will unpack sometime in August. Maybe sooner, but I am working at home for the first two-thirds of the summer and have the books I need here, and I really don't want to see the inside of my office building right now. At any rate, all the furniture is in, all the books are in, the internet and phone connections are properly wired (there was another nice young man in a bright orange t-shirt who came and took care of that), the door is locked, and someday I will make order out of chaos. Ah-choo! There was dust on those books.

I came home and had a long nap.

That is all.


Algernon said...

Smooth moving. I feel the pain, only worse: I am planning an inter-state move, California to New Mexico, in less than a month. Gaah.

pj said...

A big "gaah" for both of you. Moving home or office is never fun.

Jane R said...

Oy, Algernon. And with a baby! I hope the new location will bring the three of you (four with the cat, if it is coming along too) much happiness. Remind me off-blog to connect you with friends in NM if you want.