Thursday, July 3, 2008

Xico on GAFCON in historical perspective - it's not only Brazilian music we like here

Xico, de son vrai nom Francisco de Assis da Silva, has written one of his fine short posts on GAFCON and the Puritan reformers under James I.

Hurrah for historical perspective - and once again, for the church of the Global Center.

I have said privately and I will now say here that historians tend to be far more flexible in church matters than, say, philosophers. There's a reason for that. If you study history, you know the church is a messy and complicated reality. You also know we've been through most of this before, or at least something closely resembling it.

We've featured the writings of Rev. Cônego [the Rev. Canon] Francisco de Assis da Silva (Xico) here before, during our Latin American series of last Christmas season. Xico blogs at Katinho do Rev. He is General Secretary of the Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil (Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil, to which dear Luiz belongs).

... The truth is always a search. There is no port where the truth arrived definitely. The truth is born in the wave of the Spirit that moves always challenging our own convictions. The truth is not an idea: it is fundamentally a praxis. Right confession of right comprehension on metaphysical dogmas is not sufficient to guarantee anything! Remember: The word was made flesh! At the place of a FOCA I think we can propose another alternative: AWA - Anglicans who act! ....

Read the whole essay "Confessing or Practicing?" here.

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