Friday, November 28, 2008

Buy Nothing Day

It's Buy Nothing Day. Celebrate.

I'm going for a walk in the woods with friends a bit later.


FranIAm said...

Not buying one thing today!

Kirstin said...

I'm going to fill a scrip and get a blood test. (Both require money.) Other than that, I'm with you--and a walk in the woods with friends sounds wonderful.

it's margaret said...

Me too --not buying one thing today! Went to the gym, worked out and then soaked in the jacuzzi! yes......! Hope your walk was delightful.

Ken said...

I just coughed up $971 for a car repair. Do life necessities count?

Kitten said...

I had to buy flour, eggs, and light cream for a pound cake I'm making for a brunch tomorrow. Like Ken said, does that sort of thing count? (I'm waiting for the cake to cool right now, BTW.)

Jane R said...

Well, as I recall, the Torah makes provisions for breaking the Sabbath (Jesus didn't invent that one, he retrieved and highlighted it) when a person's or other creature's life and health are at stake.

So, shift that over to Buy-Nothing Day (not handling money is part of Sabbath practice) and see whether your mode of transportation or food supply fit into that.

I'm not making your decisions. I gots enough trouble with mine. Though as you see, I do pontificate every so often. :-P

pj said...

I went for a slightly longer run than usual. Later on, I took my son to the park, where we met up with some friends and their kids.

My friend's husband suggested that the whole crew go for a walk on a nearby trail. We were talking so much that we followed him blindly off the trail, into heavily wooded, hilly terrain.

So we were trudging ankle-deep in wet, slippery leaves. (The leaves did a very good job of camouflaging the wet, slippery rocks, some of which were not very well attached to the ground.)

We were lost, more or less, for about 40 minutes. When we got back to the parking lot, it was almost dark.

I think I burned off at least three days of turkey leftovers.

So yeah, I didn't buy anything. :)

Algernon said...

I bought a coffee but that's it. (I was in Las Cruces to run an errand.)

Otherwise, I observed "Buy Nothing Day" by not believing stuff. Especially stupid stuff.