Monday, December 22, 2008

Follow-up on the sermon

Attentive eleven-year-old to rector of All Saints, an hour or so after Jane's sermon, sometime during the Christmas Pageant rehearsal:

"So, if Mary AND Joseph AND Jesus were Jewish, why are we not all Jewish instead of Christian?"


johnieb said...

We're all 'dopted.

pj said...

Hey! Yeah! What the—???

Merry Christmas, Jane and +Maya! Hugs and mwahs!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Jane, that's an excellent question. What did the rector answer?

Jane R said...

I wasn't there, I had left already. The rector told me about it and said he answered something like "Well, it's a long story..." but I am not sure whether he really engaged the question at any depth. He's certainly capable of it. It may not have been the moment since it was during the rehearsal for the Christmas pageant. I must find out which kid it is (I'm just getting to know people and to connect the names with the faces and vice versa) and then we could talk.

Off to church shortly... Looking forward to the smells and bells. (There really are bells at All Saints. Smells only every so often --I miss my every-Sunday incense at Communion time from Berkeley-- but tonight is an every so often 'cause it's Christmas.)

Joyous Christmas to you and a big hug.