Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hugh Mulligan, RIP

The Acts of Hope family had some fond moments of remembrance for colleague Hugh Mulligan this weekend during our little reunion. At least one of us (Brother of Acts of Hope) had worked with him and all of us knew him or had met him. Most of us are or have at one time been in the news business, hence our acquaintance with this fine reporter. Father of Acts of Hope was outraged that the New York Times did not pick up on Mr. Mulligan's death and that the Boston Globe published an obituary a week after the death actually occurred.

Hugh was quite a character, a New Yorker with the Irish gift for language, great curiosity and wit, and the proper amount of panache. With a name like Hugh Aloysius Mulligan, you also know he had a Catholic connection. See here for the official Associated Press obit. Rest in peace, Hugh.


johnieb said...

A delightful person indeed.

Rest in peace and rise in glory.

pj said...

What Johnie said. What an incredible obit!

Also, I'm rather horrified that I never heard of this man until today.