Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today is International Jazz Day - and here's the live concert in Istanbul!

The International Jazz Day Global Concert is streaming live from Istanbul. 

They've just started the speeches (the concert and the day are sponsored by UNESCO) and the music will begin shortly. EVERY country in the world has some kind of celebration of International Jazz Day. Enjoy! Click here for the link.

P.S. Duke Ellington's birthday was yesterday. Did you celebrate it?

"My spiritual life needs some help..."

Did you just say that? Or think that?

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

On the day of the memorial service for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing

Today, behind the mourners in public places, the rescuers, the demonstrators, the loud speakers, there are --always, still-- those who clean and scrub, those who cannot get away from work, those caring for the very young and the very old, those who cannot get easily from one place to the other, and the artists, the writers, the poets, who need the quiet solitude and the unsung space and time before the singing, and who, in their own way, hold up and reweave the world. Remember them.

(c) Jane Redmont