Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another Episcopal P.S., two other perspectives; and yesterday's saint

I often disagree with Fr. Tony Clavier, but I respect him and when I have time, read him with care. Haven't had much time in recent weeks, but I just read his response to the U.S. House of Bishops' recent statement(s) and think it is worth a read especially for the perspective he brings from outside the U.S. (He's in the U.S. now, has been for decades, but is originally from the U.K.) I'm not entirely in agreement this time either, but paying attention to our U.S.-centered perspectives and to the way in which we all read each other's rhetoric is important.

I would, though, refer him (and you) to this response from what Padre Mickey calls "The Global Center." This is a Brazilian response from the Rev. Cônego Francisco de Assis de Silva, a.k.a. Padre Xico, and rather different from the one above. Read 'em both if you have a few moments.

Enough omphaloskepsis for now.

Don't forget to remember Oscar Romero and all the martyrs of El Salvador today. (See previous post.) (P.S. And do stop by Caminante's place for a powerful post on Monseñor Romero.)

And no, I didn't forget that yesterday was the feast of Gregory the Illuminator. See a full and rich post on him (WHO was Gregory the Illuminator, you are wondering, and how come we have remembered three Gregorys in the space of a month?) here. Hat tip, again, to Padre Mickey.

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