Navigating this blog: tech tips


* The most recent post is always at the top of the blog. (This reverse chronological order is an unchangeable feature of blogs.)

* You can scroll down to find older posts.

(Scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click "older posts" for posts of previous days.)

* Look at the Blog Archive in the right-hand column of this blog for a list of posts. Unlike the blog itself, the Archive is in chronological order, oldest post at the top. You can click on a post's name there to go directly to that post. This is one of the most handy features. 

* Further down in the right-hand column are various online resources, by category. Some of them are out of date but I'm working on updating them.

* You can search the Labels in the left-hand column for posts on a given theme. This is another handy navigation help.

* You can also use the labels if you want to focus on a given theme, e.g. "Advent 2020" or or "African America" or "music."

* Each post has a Comments section at the bottom of the post.

The Comments open in a separate window from the post, so you can still see the post while you are commenting on or asking a question about it.
* Clicking on an image (photo, map, icon) will usually enlarge it. You can see the detail better that way.

* If a word or phrase or sentence is highlighted and underlined, that is a hyperlink (often just called a link). Once you have visited a link once, its title will change color slightly. Every link also has a "hover" color, which means it will change color if you hover your mouse over it. If you click on a link, it will lead you either to another post on this blog orto  another resource on the internet, beyond this blog.

Links lead you to information. You can look at that information right away or later. Some people prefer not to interrupt the flow of a sentence while they are reading it for the first time; others like to jump around or meander a bit. Find your own blog-reading style; there's no "right way."

* The title of each post (a blogpost, or post, is the name for each unit on a blog) also functions like a hyperlink; if you click on the title of a post, that post will position itself at the top of your blog page and will be the only post visible. This can make it easier for you to read and focus on a single post. To get back to the home page of the blog (which gives you the capacity to scroll down from one post to the next) just click the "home" tab on the upper left of the blog.

* Bookmark the blog's home page if you read the blog regularly or want to find your way back to the blog easily.

Technical problems? Write me.

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