Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Feast of Benedict, monk and founder; home after the thunderstorms

How fitting that my first full day back home should be the feast of Benedict, whose Rule enjoins monastics to take a vow of stability!

There were storms all over the East Coast yesterday, so the airlines wisely kept planes on the ground for a while, but this caused many delays and missed flights. I did get home in one piece, my luggage and I were reunited at 1:00 a.m., and I have slept long and well. Off to a mountain of work! More later about Benedict and the Rule, both dear to my heart.

The fresco is of Benedict and his sister Scholastica.

Also late tonight: something on Benedict and Scholastica, sisterly stubbornness, and --another coincidence-- a big fat storm.

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Paul said...

Dear Jane,
Glad you are safely home from your travels. Loved your foodie posting while in the Berkeley area. Bill and I saw Ratatouille last week and I am seeing it again tomorrow.

Don't overtax yourself catching up. Life will still be here.

Love your postings!