Thursday, July 12, 2007

If you're in DC and love the arts...

Try to attend one of these performances of "Tokaji - Works for the Living" by Weerd [not a misspelling] Sisters at the Capital Fringe Festival 2007.

I just found out about it when I was in Boston -- alas too late to change my summer plans, I have to stay here and work except for a few days back in Boston in early August for a family reunion. But my intrepid mother, age 88, is hoping to get down there. The choreographer/creator (she's also a poet, writer, and yoga teacher) is my cousin, Diana Tokaji. [photo above left]

There is a whole ensemble for this season, and the performance will include instrumental and vocal jazz, movement, and spoken word. Diana usually choreographs and performs with Josephine Nicholson [on left in photo below -- they are the "Weerd Sisters"] but Ms. Nicholson is off this summer. In addition to movement and spoken word, they also use sign language.

Diana is married and the mother of two very lively boys. And in her early 50s. (She's been dancing and choreographing for years with mixed-age groups.) And beautiful! If you can, go see the show and cheer on my behalf.

The show includes vocals by Nigerian soprano (also trained as an attorney!) Chinwe Enu [photo, left] and saxophone by 17-year old Elijah Balbed.

Performances are the weekends of July 20 and July 27. Check out the link at the top of this post for details.

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