Saturday, July 28, 2007

More Joachim-and-Anna art and iconography

There is a lot of it, as it turns out, in both Eastern and Western Christian traditions.

I'm posting these without the references, sorry, because I have managed to clear the whole day and evening for thinking and writing and I am hogging it. It's raining in Greensboro, still warm and humid, but somehow easier to take (for this lover of Mediterranean climates who suffers in Southeastern weather) than the hovering-humidity weather when the skies don't open. It'll be back to muggy soon. A good day to be at home with the books.


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johnieb said...

As ever, thanks for your enlightening take.

BTW, nobody takes that "humid, please rain" climate well, even the natives. Nonetheless, next Saturday I shall be there for a few days (till the wee-est hour after midnight Wednesday morning)