Saturday, July 14, 2007

SSJE monastery gives troops a place to heal

From Episcopal Life Online (formerly Episcopal News Service):

Monks of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist (SSJE) are joining forces with a member of the Massachusetts National Guard to help men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan find a safe place to heal.

Read the full story here.


johnieb said...

Thank you; I've been looking for the right place, and have been intrigued with SSJE for twenty years w/o acting on it.

There are other fine choices, of course: too many. Prior Aelred? Brother Tobias? I do not wish to be the occasion of sin for anyone.

You also made several good suggestions, as I now re-collect; I have much to ponder.

johnieb said...

Yeah, cryptic; ya think? I only mention people whom I admire, but do not know, nor they me.

Things are very well indeed with my soul, and getting much better. I do not wish to cause any anxiety by being euphoric; I am well-rested again. So far, so good.

johnieb said...

I just wrote an E-mail to the general site of SSJE.

Continued wishes for the prayers of you all

Continuing rest in this life and whatever's next with Jesu.

And now to calm down.

Mike Farley said...

Thank you, Jane, for posting this - really good news indeed! We need something like this over here in the UK for our own people returning from these wars...

June Butler said...

What a wonderful work that the monks and Capt. Cox are doing.

Johnieb, I will pray for you.

Jane R said...

Hallo, Mike -- thanks for the visit. Always good to read you.

JohnieB, prayers for your continued healing and well-being, and for all veterans of wars, of all ages and generations. I think you'd like the SSJE brothers and place. I used to go to their open weekday Eucharist, long before I ever became an Anglican; the first in a series of wonderful relationships with Anglican religious orders.

I'm really happy and grateful for the conversations taking place about the effects of war -- during Vietnam, as most of your remember, it was a whole other story, or rather, there weren't enough stories.

This is indeed a good thing, and what a perfect ministry for a monastery. They also welcome workers for peace. A place of refuge for all with attention to the concerns and lives of each.

johnieb said...

Thank you for your prayers, Mimi and Jane; still a work in progress.