Thursday, July 5, 2007

Video of Fourth Fireworks in Boston (coming to you from your correspondent on slow dial-up at the retirement community)

Little posting possible and even less blog-reading since I am mostly with my parents and the only internet connection here is dial-up.

But having raved about the Fourth festivities in Boston, I feel duty bound to bring you all some video. I watched the fireworks on television in my parents' apartment at the retirement community (they weren't interested, and besides, it was past their bedtime) and even on television they are breathtaking. WBZ-TV has posted the show on their website, so you too can enjoy it, though it's not like being with the crowd (which was between raindrops last night -- not an entirely clear evening). Full Fourth coverage and many links here. Fireworks show here.

We did watch and listen to one early part of the televised down-by-the-Charles-River musical performance together: the Boston Children's Chorus, a multi-racial group founded a few years ago by a friend of my parents', Hubie Jones (see bio of this great human being and Bostonian here or just click the bio link on that first site), to bring together young people from varied racial, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds to make music, promote the arts, and build bridges. And they're good.


janinsanfran said...

We watched Boston festivities with R's father and stepmother on the Vineyard. Nice display, even in the rain.

Now back in CA. Frisker says "hi" or rather "yooowl."

Jane R said...

Geez, all this time I never knew her name. I wish I'd had a digital camera during my visit with her. She was acting very bloggable.