Thursday, August 9, 2007

August 9: Nagasaki Day / Franz Jägerstätter

The Simple Village Organist has a fine post on this double commemoration. Bill Wylie-Kellermann, as always, delivers.


Edward said...

When I saw that Wylie-Kellerman had published a Stringfellow anthology, I was pretty sure you'd be a fan!

Jane R said...

The Stringfellow anthology. :-) I used it in my Radical Theologians course. And I vaguely know Bill -- we've corresponded once or twice and of course I was a big fan of his beloved Jeannie, the late editor of The Witness.

I'm glad you posted that, especially since I am really lax in reading Sojourners. They are doing such a useful job, yet I am ambivalent about them these days. Maybe I'm getting too much junk e-mail from them... Also I have some problems with Wallis -- not personally, I don't know him (though of course we are two-degrees-of-separation, he's a friend of a friend, etc.), but in some of his statements: very little gender analysis, and he ought to know better. Now shut mah mouth.