Sunday, August 12, 2007

Goodsoil (re: lgbt news of the ELCA)

Alphabet soup time:

ELCA= Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. (Not to be confused with the LCMS= Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.)

lgbt = lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.

The ELCA is in the news because of this. There are years and years of conversation and heartache behind this national church assembly decision not to discipline openly partnered pastors and other church workers. While the language is indirect, it does mark a significant change in direction.

In connection with this, a Lutheran friend has just made me aware of Goodsoil and its website, where you can find resources, stories, meditations, and all manner of information and inspiration on lgbt people in ministry in the ELCA.

A loving, intelligent strategy was the creation of a booklet of devotions and stories and of another booklet featuring the ministries of several out pastors. Look, they say, ministry is happening here. There is a loving Christian community. Folk are preaching the Gospel. They are visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, encouraging the gifts of the young, including and respecting the elders. And oh, by the way, they're gay -- or lesbian, or bi, or trans.

Do have a look.


June Butler said...

Jane, I don't know how this will come out in the end. but, for now it seems like good news.

The booklet was a great idea. Hearing or reading people's stories can be quite effective in opening minds to other ways of thinking.

Edward said...

Excellent summary and links. I linked to you for this.

Jane R said...

Thanks, Ed And yes, Mimi, the stories were a brilliant idea. Very appropriate and moving. I agree with you on the converting power of stories.

Ed, I loved your headline and the way you framed the issue on your blog.

My Lutheran friends, so far, are happy, and say this sort of "backing into the issue" approach was the only way to go at this juncture.

Diane M. Roth said...

I loved these booklets. They are very inspiring. well done.

Jane R said...

Hi, Diane! Thanks for stopping by. I see by your profile that you're a Lutheran pastor. Come visit again. I'll check out your blog shortly.