Sunday, August 26, 2007

Grupo Masculino Cant' Arte sings "Siyahamba" and "Oh Freedom"

I love this and tried to post it via YouTube, but it's just not getting here (the information superhighway must be crowded at the end of the weekend). So here is a link. Check it out! This group is singing both "Siyahamba" and "Oh Freedom" ("Freedom Is Coming," the South African version, which we used to sing a lot at the Paulist Center in Boston -- haven't heard it in Episcopal churches yet). No fancy video work, but it's a fine rendition, with lots of great male energy. (Who says feminist women don't appreciate good male energy?! This one does.) Check it out, boys -- and girls. ;-)

And that little snippet of a woman's voice at the very end sounds like someone speaking Portuguese.


Kirstin said...

Got me dancing! Thank you.

Padre Rob+ said...

Hi Jane
Do you know the Freedom Mass composed by Mimi Fara (of Fisherfolk and the Community of Celebration?) ... fits well with this music.

Hope you are well

Jane R said...

Hey Rob -- I don't know that Mass but I think I have heard of it. Would love to hear/see it/learn more about it.

Good of you to stop by! I popped in to your blog late last night, didn't have time to read your sermon from last Sunday yet (we are already in the second week of school and I am a little nuts -- and another student just walked into the office to add one of my classes, which is great but this means more catch-up; and we're starting our year at St. Mary's House too since we function partly as a "regular" congregation and partly as a campus minisstry) but I did see it made Luiz weep so it's surely a good one :-). I'll read it as spiritual reading sometime in the next couple of days... Hope you are well and the move has not been too exhausting so far. Peace to you.

Luiz Coelho said...

Jane, this was a rehearsal for a festival named UominiVox... in Campo Grande, a city in western Brazil.

At the end, the woman says "aí fechou..." which means, literally "then, it is closed". But this is a slang you should interpret as "OK, that's OK!".

I see you really like the Siyahamba song (so do I... hope Rob doesn't come back and read this) :)

Blessings in Christ!

Jane R said...

HA! It WAS Brazil! Thank you, Luiz.

Does Rob not like the song? ;-)

I love the other song too -- I had not heard it in a long time and it filled me with energy and joy.

Christ's blessings to you and to your community, Luiz.

Padre Rob+ said...


I was wrong about the Freedom Mass... it was composed by Betty Pulkingham, a parishioner at Holy Comforter in Burlington....

and re: Siyahamba.... I just have traumatic memories from TESM.... Good Lord deliver us....

Jane R said...

Wait a minute... I'm trying to piece this together. You went to seminary at TESM? YOU went to TESM? And THEY sang Siyahamba? Okay, all my stereotypes and preconceptions just went boinnnnnnggg. Enlighten me, o Padre.

Cool. Holy Comforter in Burlington is where the diocesan Anti-Racism Committee has its regular meetings. We mostly don't know folks there since we are there on a Saturday a.m. every couple of months. (Our retreat of two weeks ago was at Healing Ground in Summerfield, and what a place that is! Lovely.)