Thursday, August 23, 2007

Well, glory be (for dancing bishops)

Muchisimas gracias to Padre Mickey for these videos of


Glory Hallelujah. Now that's liturgy. And leadership. And rockin'.

And don't anyone tell me it's not reverent.


Grandmère Mimi said...

I loved the "Dancing Bishops" videos. The Global Center has so much to offer the Anglican Communion.

Jane R said...

I am used to dancing and moving and clapping in church from my old African American Catholic parish in Oakland and I am just thrilled that there are parts of the Anglican Communion where people --including bishops-- dance.

I know it happens a bit here in the U.S., though not so much in African American congregations I know, which have a lot of Caribbean roots and are sometimes quite Anglo in their worship structure. But not always. Happily, there is growing diversity in worship.

BabyBlue referred to the Native incense bearers from the West (the Presiding Bishop comes from the West and both because of this and because of the fact that we do have Native Episcopalians there were thurifers who "smudged" the altar and space with traditional herbal incense, probably sage and sweetgrass--I wasn't there so I didn't smell ;-)) at the PB's installation as "smudgeons" -- very disrespectful and culturally insensitive -- as if this were not Christian and not Anglican. It is quite possible both to treasure the English parts of our heritage and to honor the cultural forms of all our congregations and peoples.

Dance on, Obispos (y Obispas, since we have a Reverendisima in Cuba now!). May you and we be bearers to the world of the joy of Christ's message.

Jan said...

The dancing bishops video reminded me of worship services I attended last summer in Zambia. So much joy, music, and movement!

Jane R said...

Jan, tell us more about Zambia. Or did you write about the trip on your blog? (Folks, this is Jan from Texas, not Janinsanfran.) (Did I get your location right, Jan?)