Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Basic rights for immigrant domestic workers: ¡ Si se puede !

Well, hurrah. Domestic workers --the mostly immigrant women who clean your houses, diaper your babies, take care of your children, cook your dinner, serve as companions to your elders, and much, much more-- want dignity, decent wages, benefits... in other words, concrete, public, legal, and financial recognition of the value of their work.

Janinsanfran has the scoop on the newly-formed alliance of domestic workers here. Labor Day isn't just for barbecue. (With all due respect to bbq makers and eaters nationwide.) I am pondering why and how I find this a lot more worthy of attention and energy than the latest shenanigans in the Anglican Communion. A lot more worthy of my attention and energy in general and a lot more worthy of my attention and energy as an Anglican Christian.

Take away the immigrant domestic workers holding up the daily lives of all the people in this country who are currently embroiled in various Episcopal/Anglican tugs-of-war and see what happens.

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johnieb said...

One of the best things about your blog is the attention you pay to working people.