Sunday, September 9, 2007

"Being Church and doing justice are one and the same thing:" an interview with Mary Hunt about Women-Church

My old friend and esteemed theological colleague Mary E. Hunt has an interview on a webzine (new to me) called The Social Edge, a social justice and faith publication from Canada. The interviewer is Rosemary Ganley, and the occasion was the conference celebrating 25 years of the Women-Church Convergence and Catholic feminist ministries

Have a read. Mary is always witty, articulate, and thoughtful. (That link is to a PBS interview of a few years ago, read that too, it's well worth it.)

Mary and her partner Diann L. Neu are co-founders and co-directors of WATER, the Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual in Silver Spring, Maryland.

I'm going to lift the following quote from the interview and use it in class this coming week as an illustration of where the Women-Church movement in North America finds itself today. ... there is a new thing happening in 2007.The focus of these women now in ministry is the world, not the Church. ... They are not trying to change a recalcitrant and kyriarchal Church, but to embody liberation and commitment to a more humane world. This means to confront racism, heterosexism and economic and ecological injustice. They are struggling to be defined not by the official Church, but by their engagement in the needs of the world.

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