Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Burma crackdown and cyberdissidents

Cyberdissidents in Burma in the current crackdown against peaceful protests. The ever-reliable BBC reports.

Also: more on the meaning of monks. (Catchy headline from the BBC, "Burma's Saffron Army." With information on the life and significance of monks, Buddhism in general, Buddhism in Burman, and related topics.)


Grandmère Mimi said...

Jane, this is a wonderful story. I linked to it at WB.

Power to the bloggers!

johnieb said...

Excellent! Why is this not as worthy of note as the Roman Catholics and Solidarity? The resonance of traditional associations with Europe and WWII on this coast, uglier things like the residue of the Racism that seeped into our nation life near the beginning, the "exotic" quality of Asian culture? To whom "exotic"?

A hobby-horse of mine is the desperately slow ways our readings of other cultures changed our already necrotic foreign policy and politics, with the tragic results since American power became predominant in WWII, by deliberative strategy, mostly by FDR and Churchill, with Stalin as the Antithesis, coping as best he thought he might: ugh.

American History: a habit I may as well admit formally. Sigh.

johnieb said...

My goodness. A reason to watch Television (BBC News at 6:00; everything else is too annoying) and I must put it off till next week.

A wonderful editing of an important story, Jane R. I must be Connected! Arrgghh,

Caminante said...

Years ago I worked with a pastor from Rangoon. He taught me about Burma and his country's struggles. Even though it was 1991 he had already been imprisoned and he once showed me the scars from burns caused by being put into a cage with light bulbs so small that he couldn't avoid them; they burned him.As I follow the news of what is happening in Burma now, I pray for Sang, and for all the Burmese he represents for me. I also pray for the Episcopal Church's official missioner, Kitty, who must be devastated by what is happening in a country that is dear to her heart.

Padre Rob+ said...

The Canterbury Club at University of Mary Washington is hosting an Interfaith Candlelight Vigil for Freedom in Burma on Sunday October 7th at 6:00 PM. Perhaps others could pause for a moment on Sunday evening and offer prayers with us wherever you are.

Thanks for posting this information on Burma and the role and meaning of the monks there.