Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday cat blogging: sly BCP puss

Don' mess wit' me, boys, I gots da Prayer Book on my side.


Padre Mickey said...

I'm thinking Miss Maya isn't too fond of paparazzi.
That cat's got a look!

Jane R said...

Yeah, nasty, huh? All the more impressive that she is a sweet little creature. (She's sitting peacefully by the computer right now with her paws tucked in and her eyes closed.) You ever have any trouble with that wild Gallito Mescalito crowd, she'll come whomp them with her BCP and her steely gaze.

Maybe we should send her on an expedition to other parts of the Communion. That photo cries out for a caption contest, in any case. Any takers?

johnieb said...

Yet more bishops, you say?