Monday, September 3, 2007

Rodent Ethics, part I: Maya Pavlova Catches Her First Mouse

Actually it's Rodent Ethics Part II or III, because I began composing a post on rodent ethics a while back, when the mice first appeared on the premises in my lovely house on the edge of the woods.

But I never finished it and this is the first inkling our avid theological readers have that I have been hard at work on the intricacies of rodent ethics. And you thought I had forgotten that this blog was about deep theological and spiritual matters.

(In fact, the blog has felt a little lackluster to me of late, but see below for recent reflections on community.)

While the rest of the U.S. is contemplating barbecue (barbeque, bbq), I am contemplating feminism and abolitionism in the 19th century. Also the Council of Nicea, which another class dealt with this morning. Yes, Guilford College is laboring on Labor Day. And on every other Monday holiday except for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I am at school from 9 to 6 today, because after class I have office hours.

Miss Maya Pavlova, however, has caught a mouse. She did so first thing in the morning. I wrote this with great glee to a few family and close friends, and one wise friend responded that Maya, naturally, had bbq on the brain. She was damn well going to celebrate Labor Day even if I could not.

But I must get back to Sojourner Truth and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. More later, with deep discourses on rodent ethics. Have a lovely day, all y'all.

You'll have to wait till tonight or tomorrow or the coming week to hear what happened to the mouse and to read, at last, the mousie episodes that led up to this one. 'tis a long saga.

At least you know she's not just a pretty face, La Pavlova. Or just a pretty set of arched feet.


johnieb said...

GOOD kitty.

janinsanfran said...

Congrats to Maya! Frisker would look at it with disdain, but not I think try to pounce. But what do I know. She keeps them out by emitting a force field of feline ferocity.