Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sniffles and a healing angel

I am sick so rarely that I cannot even recognize the common cold when it hits, though I do know what more severe flu-ish and bronchial things feel like. It finally dawned on me this morning that what I thought was a touch of allergy to some North Carolina tree (it felt worse outdoors) and exhaustion from a high-stress week in the land of academic politics was more like a bad cold and a sinus headache. So I am down for the count today, sleeping a lot and sipping herbal things and hiding out. I may even skip church tomorrow. Meanwhile, the mean BCP cat below is now all sweet and curled up by the computer with her nose between her paws.

I've also been falling down on the icon job here the last few weeks. Here is a lovely archangel Raphael. Raphael is a healing angel, so I expect we could all use this image. Click on it for a close-up.

Polychrome wood, Naples, late 16th century. Los Angeles County Museum of Art
© Museum Associates 1991


johnieb said...

Skip as you need to and fall down on whatever you like; the only thing I can think of that a common cold is good for is to have us slow down and be good to ourselves.

Students are not only transmission vectors in grade school, ya know.

Jane R said...

Yah, I discovered my first year here that college is like kindergarten. The little darlings spread their illnesses around and sometimes the teachers catch them too. Or as one of my students whose father is a medical researcher said to me two years ago, "We live in a petri dish!"

At least I don't live in a dorm.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Jane, dear, I hope you feel better this morning. Prayers ascend.

O Father, let the light of your healing love shine on Jane and make her well and whole in the name of your Son and Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the unity of the Holy spirit.

Raphael, healing angel, intercede for our sister Jane for her restoration to full health and strength. Amen.

Jane R said...

Dear Mimi, how lovely to wake up to your prayer. (In the middle of the day! I'm sleeping a lot.) Thank you.

Paul said...

Methought I recognized a friend. Upon checking the fine print I rejoiced to see it was true. Raphael is one of my favorites and I love the polychromed figure that I have seen a number of times at LACMA.

The chapel / meditation room in my home is dedicated to Raphael and my home in its totality to Our Lady of Guadulupe, Cuthbert, and Raphael.

Let the healing progress!

I have come to believe that Airborne (or its generic equivalents) do help me when fighting colds. Anecdotal and not scientific, but there you have it.

A huge cyberhug, Jane.

Jane R said...

Thanks, Paul m'dear. Will write you off-blog also. Thanks for the holistic health tip. I've tried other homeopathic remedies but not that one. Big hug to you too. (And I have an image of Guadalupe in my home, of course.)